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Last updated: 2015-02-22 20:02:20 UTC

Between 2009 and 2011 I was the web developer/designer for Countryside Animal Sanctuary; a non-profit animal shelter that operated out of Everett Pennsylvania. At first it was a school project. Later, I maintained it just to help out.

The original design was done by a local designer in Front Page. Her rates were high and Front Page Extensions increased hosting costs quite a bit. Initially, I re-implemented that design in ColdFusion just to have something more maintainable than the Front Page mess.

Later on, I ported the site to PHP, gave it a face-lift, and migrated them to some cheaper hosting.

It is almost entirely front-end work. Though I did create an application to pull a list of adoptable animals out of their existing database and a twitter feed with cache.

At this time, they're using my site, but I am no longer involved, and it appears not to receive updates.

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