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Last updated: 2016-09-06 13:52:08 UTC

Mineshell is a tool for Linux users. It helps perform many common Minecraft tasks with short commands.

This project was a bash script I wrote in the dark days of 2010 to help manage Minecraft installations on Linux. That was back when Magic Launcher was just getting started and the official launcher only provided news and started the game. Every single Minecraft update meant playing Russian Roulette with your saves and also required updating LWJGL for the hundredth time.

If I'd have known about ~/.bashrc at the time, Mineshell probably never would have existed in the first place. In the beginning, it had commands for updating LWJGL and backing up my saves. Eventually I added some commands for configuring different launch options.

The most powerful feature was stash management that allowed you to maintain multiple installations of Minecraft with different settings and mods installed.

The whole thing is obsolete at this point. Magic Launcher completely blew it out of the water. The source code is lost in a backup folder somewhere. I can't be asked to dig that out and get a proper screenshot, so enjoy a random picture of a recent build of mine.

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